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A Newbie’s Guide to Weed

Newbie's guide to weed

A Newbie’s Guide to Weed

Smoke a joint with a friend

Trying something new can often be overwhelming and sometimes stressful, there are those that resist and often fear it, while others positively crave it. For as long as I can remember I loved trying out new foods, new adventures and anything else I haven’t done. For those that have not tried cannabis before, this quick guide will hopefully walk you through the basics of buying weed and different ways to consume it to have a safe and fun time with Cannabis.

Start off slow, don’t over indulge

For those that want to get into the hobby, it’s recommended to just smoke a joint. For first time users its best to try low-THC, high-CBD strains like Harlequin, Sour Tsunami or Pennywise. In many instances, a bad first trip can have dire consequences. High-CBD strains generally have relaxing properties and can help counteract the anxiety associated with THC, so they are perfect for beginners or people with low tolerance. A general rule of thumb is to stick with strains that have less than 15% THC.

Pick a low-THC, high-CBD strain

The most common way to experience Cannabis is by rolling it into a joint, but if you have no experience with rolling a joint, using a pipe is also ideal and extremely easy as you are only required to grind your herb up using a grinder then packing it into the pipe to enjoy. Bongs are also a great way to smoke your weed, many users prefer using a bong as the water acts as a filter for the tar and carcinogen and gives you a smoother experience. But the newest and most efficient way to smoke cannabis is with the use of a vaporizer. With vaporizers you don’t actually smoke the weed, but you are heating up the cannabis to a point where it releases the THC and CBD, ingesting cannabis using a vaporizers are a healthier alternative when compared to joints and pipes and tend to reduce the skunky smell when smoking weed.

Vaporizer tends to be a healthier alternative than pipes and joints

Finally, the tastiest way to ingest your cannabis is through edibles, there is a huge array of ready to eat edibles available from cookies to candies. Eating edibles is similar to using a vaporizer as you don’t actually combust the herbs, although new users should take caution as it takes longer for your body to feel the effects of edibles. So for instance if you are trying out a gummy bear for the first time, its recommended to only eat half of it or even less depending on the amount of THC inside the gummy. Around 5mg would be a good starting point working your way up to 10-20mg.

Like anything new we recommend taking it slow to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with cannabis.Ready to buy some weed? Head over to our store and check out all our products.


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