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Are there any Benefits in Smoking Weed?

smoking medical marijuana

Are there any Benefits in Smoking Weed?

Misconceptions surrounding the usage of marijuana as unconventional medicine has created a societal stigma wherein people who partake in this kind of medicinal practice are only using this as an excuse to consume them and feel a sense of euphoria. Moreover, it manifested social cues that unconsciously pushes people to look down on the idea of smoking weed.  

The recreational use of marijuana has been scorned upon for decades. Since then, the battle of for legalization of this unorthodox drug has been in session. Luckily, many states and countries across the whole world have supported the legalization of the usage of marijuana (or, in layman’s terms, weed), for both medicinal and recreational purposes, depending on how the person wants to make use of the herb. 

Regardless of what people may say, smoking weed provides a multitude of health benefits to those who utilize it. The compounds within the marijuana plant consist of a wide array of therapeutic effects, making it a great option for natural treatments that reduce and can relieve symptoms from many illnesses and diseases. Whether it be for medicinal or recreational use, it 

 essentially improves the overall health of people.

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Seven health benefits one gets from smoking weed:

Marijuana can provide pain relief

For those with arthritis, migraine, and other kinds of medical conditions that pertain to chronic pain, smoking weed helps with the reduction of this. Within the marijuana plant lies the compound cannabinoids. This component of the herb is what aids in the reduction of pain by transmitting waves into the brain that, ultimately, alters how pain is felt. This, in turn, allows the subsidized feeling of pain. 

The intake of cannabis and smoking it to relieve pain from other cases such as the side effect of feeling nauseous after chemotherapy sessions and muscle spasms that one may get from the multiple sclerosis disease has also been proven effective. 

Smoking weed can help those with Insomnia

People who struggle with getting enough or any sleep at all can improve their sleep quality when consuming this medicinal drug. As mentioned above, since smoking weed is able to relieve pain, this could also ultimately improve the sleep quality of a person in retrospect to staying up late at night due to chronic pain and discomfort. 

In addition to this, smoking weed provides a relaxing and soothing effect. This kind of impact helps in the lulling of one’s self to sleep and adding to the number of sleeping hours a full-grown adult needs in a day. People who have bad sleep conditions such as sleep apnea and insomnia benefit from this greatly because it will allow them to get more sleep in and more peacefully.

Cannabis can help increase appetite

Smoking weed helps in the overall stimulation of one’s appetite. Sometimes, people don’t have the natural urge to consume food anymore. This may be because of health circumstances that arose from external factors such as stress and the like.  

When people are hungry, the ghrelin hormone comes into effect. This certain hormone transmits to the brain a message that our physical bodies need food and nutrients. When we smoke marijuana, the compounds within this medicinal drug triggers this hormone more. Our bodies will then have a yearning for food because of the increase in appetite.

Marijuana has been proven to help cope with anxiety

The relaxing and soothing effect of smoking weed can help in anxiety and panic attacks. People may be able to eradicate the feeling of nervousness when consuming cannabis. However, the right amount of weed intake must always be considered when attempting to relieve anxiety. This is because a high dosage of this drug can ultimately trigger the anxiety and other mental disorders more. Nonetheless, smoking marijuana is highly beneficial for those who easily get anxious and/or have anxiety because it eases down the feelings of worry. 

Studies show Marijuana can help reduce inflammation in the digestive system

Two of the natural compounds in this herb, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), improves and enhances the response of bowel movement, essentially treating diseases that may transpire from the bowel area. Smoking weed obstructs the entry of unwanted bacteria that may give rise to intestinal inflammation. 

Marijuana can be used to aid in weight loss

The marijuana plant effectively helps in weight loss because of the combination of health components that can assist in the reduction of body mass, should one be looking for a way to lose some weight off his/her body. What smoking weed will do to the body is to regulate the insulin within it. While this is ongoing, the body will then manage its intake of calories more efficiently. 

Weed can help reduce Blood Sugar

Just like how cannabis helps in the reduction of inflammation in the bowel area, it can also regulate blood sugar levels because of its natural compounds. Blood sugar levels are essentially stabilized more and overall blood circulation is enhanced. 

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