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Herb Approach vs Dub Depot

herb approach vs dub depot

Herb Approach vs Dub Depot

Ever since recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada, the flourishing demand has witnessed a great deal of internet dispensaries open up.
The main reason for this type of rise in the internet cannabis market is because of sheer number of consumers opting to purchase weed online. These include lots of new smokers, in addition to old hands that have only begun ordering cannabis online. With all these dispensaries to pick from, a number of these clients need expert advice concerning what to expect and watch out for. And that is exactly what we are going to perform.

Nowadays, we’ll be comparing Herb Approach and Purchase My Weed On line, two well known dispensaries concerning their product range, costs, merchandise grade, promotions and supplies, and transport and customer services. Let us get into it!


The very first thing we’ll be considering is your product range on the two sites. In this standards, both Purchase My Pot Online and Herb Approach have plenty to give, such as an assortment of top excellent marijuana strains, centers, edibles, and accessories.
Taking a look at the marijuana blossom number both the dispensaries must provide, we can observe that Purchase My Pot Online has over 70 distinct strains out there for their clients. These include several kinds of indicas, sativas and hybrids that provide BMWO clients a great deal of excellent choices. On the other hand Herb Approach site has around 200 breeds on offer — regrettably, the majority of these are from stock and they have just 40 distinct breeds readily available, which makes their collection far more restricted.

When we examine commodity grading, it’s apparent that Purchase My Pot on the internet is the winner . BMWO has a long reputation of being among the very premium and nicely stocked dispensaries from the nation. All BMWO bud is carefully curated and rated on their site so that clients can quickly choose what to purchase. On the flip side, Herb Approach doesn’t have such method in place making it a really hard selection for customers. The key thing to understand here is that Purchase My Pot Online’s existed for more than newer sites like Herb Approach.


Studying centers next, we could observe that both Purchase My Pot Online and Herb Approach inventory a pleasant, large variety to their clients. The two dispensaries have over 60 distinct types of shatter, budder, natural oils and waxes offered for sale. Again, Herb Approach disappoints here as a whole lot of their goods are from inventory, and there is no grading system set up. Discuss leaving your clients in the dark! Bearing this in mind, we could conclude that if you’re trying to purchase premium quality centers, then Purchase My Pot on the internet is the place for you.

They stock a huge assortment of approximately 100 distinct sorts of edibles, whereas Purchase My Pot Online inventory around 48 goods in their edibles segment making Herb Approach a much better choice here.

Even though Herb Approach do provide a larger assortment of edibles, they have an extremely restricted accessories variety available for their clients. That is again where Purchase My Pot Online requires the lead with more than 600 accessories and bud related goods in their stock! BMWO also provide products for the pets like CBD and THC lip balms, creams and bath bombs, not one of which may be located in Herb Approach.

Now that we have browsed the digital shelves on such sites, let us see what their real customers are saying about those goods. Here is the very best method to evaluate the true quality of a MOMs merchandise — only see what clients have to say!
Regrettably, however, Herb Approach actually don’t have a review section on their site, therefore it is rather tricky to learn what their clients need to say. We’re unable to judge their client opinions, and it is also a drawback for users that may want to read about other people’s experiences prior to making it a selection. Let’s Buy My Weed Online!

On the flip side, the Purchase My Pot Online site not only offers a testimonials section, but their evaluation is an ideal 5/5 for nearly all their goods. This Is an Excellent indicator that BMWO clients are happy and satisfied with their support as indicated by this review because of their Superb Lemon Haze:

“Smooth smoking, fine high, Fantastic Solution, Quick shipping to my little city, thanks”

As we can observe, Purchase My Weed on the internet isn’t just a premium mail order bud site but they are also super dependable and trusted by their own clients.

With merchandise quality being as vital as it is, most clients have a tendency to overlook in favour of pricing provided by sites. Because it is most likely the make or break factor for clients when purchasing marijuana on the internet, let us take a peek at how Purchase My Pot Online and Herb Approach Compare at costs.
While Buy My Pot Online offer flexibility to their clients and don’t have any minimum order limitation, this isn’t true with Herb Approach where clients are made to purchase a minimal $100 worth of merchandise. This isn’t great because the consumer is currently restricted to a massive order and cannot try new products.

Let us Look at how much every site fees for 1 ounce of blossom:

We can observe that not only will be Herb Approach a far more expensive purchase when compared with BMWO, they are also not a fantastic choice because of the $100 restriction and limited selection to select from.

Now we understand what sort of costs Herb Approach and BMWO provide their clients, let us see what sort of promotions and bargains that they have available.
Let us start with Herb Approach — we could observe their site doesn’t have any particular promotions on their site except for regular seasonal and inventory end sales. But they have a reward points system where clients can score points for every single purchase then redeem them for prizes.

Now let us take a look at Purchase My Pot Online. They’ve a distinctive promotions section in their site for their clients where they have about 12 unique offers! These include signup bonuses and original order reductions, referral programs, reward points, and also overall discounts for as many as 25 percent off on many different merchandise.
In addition to this, BMWO additionally provide each of their clients a unique and unbelievable opportunity to win up to $1500 worth of awards, goods, or shop credit in their own monthly lucky draw, together with the entire giveaway being $3000 monthly!

Keeping all this in mind, once we compare the two dispensaries, it’s clear the BMWO supplies a great deal of worth in promos to their clients! So Go Buy My Weed Online!

Our last standards for comparison between BMWO and Herb Approach is that their shipping procedures, prices, and basic customer support.
Looking at transport, we could see that this is a near one. When we compare both, and keep in thought that a minimal purchase at Herb Approach is 100, we can make certain Buy My Pot on the internet is the greater bang for your dollar.

Concerning customer support, both the sites are pretty excellent. The two BMWO and Herb Approach possess a 24 hours readily available client support with live chat to help answer all client queries. Both websites have detailed FAQ sections that provide helpful advice and guarantee total privacy and safety.

When we examine all of the factors highlighted above, it’s quite apparent that Purchase My Pot on the internet is the better option for clients concerning all criteria: product selection, customer testimonials, promos, pricing, transportation and customer support!



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