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How To Properly Store Cannabis, And How Long Does It Last?

how to store your weed

How To Properly Store Cannabis, And How Long Does It Last?

Did you know? That cannabis is made up of more than 120 components known as cannabinoids. Experts are still not sure what each cannabinoid component does. The two parts experts have a good understanding of are THC and CBD, with each element having its effects and uses. With THC as the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, it is responsible for making you “high.” While CBD is also a psychoactive cannabinoid, it is not intoxicating and used to reduce inflammation and pain. CBD also eases nausea, migraine, and seizures. So we can say that medical marijuana helps people who have epilepsy may it be severe or mild. 

Marijuana goes by many names, pot, weed, Mary Jane, ganja, are just a few. While there are a lot of experts who know everything about every strain, there are many that do not know the basics of storing your weed. Properly stored weed will last longer and taste better.

Ways in storing weed 

At some point in our lives, while utilizing cannabis, We’ve come to wonder how long cannabis lasts. Does cannabis expire? Like aged wine or dry-aged steak, good quality weed is also best stored in a cool, dark place. While there is no expiry date for cannabis, it can take up to six months to one year for the cannabis to lose some of its flavor and potency. But before you light up that old stash of weed, here are a few critical elements that can extend the shelf life of your weed.

Just the right temperature 

Temperatures between 25° to 30° C causes mildew and molds in cannabis and other organic matter. Necessary precautions of storing your quality weed in a proper place can go a long way. Meanwhile, if kept in a high temperature, the cannabis can dry out the terpenes and cannabinoids that took months to develop. 

To reduce the process of decarboxylation of cannabinoids, you can lower the temperature. THC eventually degrades into cannabinol (CBN), a cannabinoid with different properties and effects. There is no perfect temperature to store your cannabis, but experts agree that you should never refrigerate your cannabis.

Humidity control for storing weed 

Storing your weed in a controlled environment with proper relative humidity ranges can be a bit tricky. Still, the general rule is to keep the cannabis between 59% and 63% RH (relative humidity) to maintain the weed color and enhance the weed quality. However, if relative humidity is too low, you risk your trichomes drying out the essential oils and bristling.  

Light environment for storing cannabis 

We all know how harmful UV rays could be to the plants and us humans. If exposed to UV rays, it will degrade the cannabis over time. A study at the University of London in the 1970s that light is one of the most critical factors, the degradation of cannabinoids. When stored properly, cannabinoids maintain stability for up to two years, and it is safe to consume and use for a much longer time. Keeping your cannabis out of direct sunlight also helps you control the temperature of your weed.

Air control for weed reserve 

While cannabis needs oxygen during the growing phase, storing good weed is a different story. Putting your cannabis in a mason jar with the right amount of air plays a crucial role in keeping your weed fresh and real to its natural form. Having too little can significantly affect the humidity, especially when the buds before storage are not completely dry. However, too much air speeds up the degradation as cannabis gets exposed to oxygen. But don’t worry, there are vacuum pumps that will help you with this problem. 

Dry and trimmed cannabis buds stored in a glas jars. Medical cannabis

The Dos and Donts in storing your weed. 


  • use containers with a neutral charge like glass mason jars 
  • use vacuum seal jars and containers to lessen oxygen exposure 
  • Separate and label each jar depending on what the strain of the weed is. Mixing up weed strains is a big no unless you want to keep the weed quality and maintain their flavor profiles. 
  • Keep in dry places and out of direct sunlight. 
  • Don’t be afraid to use hygrometers to monitor and control RH levels.  
  • Search the internet for newer ways of stocking up in your weed. It is just one search away to research in knowing how to store your cannabis correctly. Google is your guiding light. 
  • Don’t think about stocking up on your weed; smoke some of that good weed and enjoy the trip. 


  • When storing, don’t use cheap plastic bags since plastic bags have a static charge that attracts precious trichomes if you plan to keep it in the plastic bag for quite some time. You can use higher quality plastic bags or still use cheap plastic bags only for short-term use and small quantities. 
  • Do not store in the fridge or the freezer; the humidity and the temperature in the refrigerator can increase mold and mildew. If planning to keep in the fridge/freezer, completely vacuum-seal the container. Before opening the stashed weed, allow the stash to reach room temperature. 
  • Don’t store grinders, pipes, bongs, or other materials you use with your cannabis. Ashes from your burnt weed can stink up any storage container. It is also better to keep your supplies neat and tidy. 
  • Don’t store around electronics or appliances that give off heat. Better to keep your good weed in the basement of your house. 
  • Use cedarwood, which has oils to help transfer and influence your cannabis’ flavors instead of using a tobacco humidor. 

Other considerations for storing your weed 

Cannabis-infused products such as edibles or other perishable creations are a different story. Use before the expiration date. Refrigerate as instructed. 

Alcohol tinctures and other cannabis concentrates also degrade by heat, time, and humidity. To preserve the quality, keep in sealed tight containers in a cold, dark, dry place. Alcohol tinctures and other extracts can be fridge-stable for years. 

These are some of the few steps in storing your cannabis correctly and securely. More and more people are becoming more resourceful and thinking of more ways to improve their cannabis quality. There are also many ways to store cannabis and as time goes by, technology has a massive impact on not just keeping cannabis but also to everything. 


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