How to Roll a Joint

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Rolling your first joint can often be confusing and messy, but with this guide you’ll be off to rolling the perfect joint in minutes.

What You Need to Roll a Joint

First off we’ll need to gather our supplies to make things easier. Make sure you have the following:

  • Weed strain of your choice
  • Zig Zag rolling paper
  • Printer paper or business card
  • Small pair of scissors
  • A Pen or even a hex key would word
  • Weed Grinder

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, used the grinder to grind up your weed. Start of with finer grounds as that helps the spliff burn easier.

Start Off by Making a Filter

The filter is used to open up the passage to let smoke pass through and also reduces the moisture on the joint from your spit.

First cut the piece of paper or business card into a 0.5″ x 1″ piece.

This will be used to make our filter.


Wrap the piece of paper around the hex key or pen and roll it tightly.

You want to end up with a tightly wrapped filter.


Wrap the piece of paper around the hex key or pen and roll it tightly.

Now it’s time to Pack the Herb into the Paper

Grab the Zig Zags or your favourite rolling papers.


Place your filter at one end of the Zig Zag paper.

Hold the spliff with the filter end and add your favourite bud.


Level the weed with your filter.

Pinch the paper together.


Now roll it in an up and down motion.

Moisten the glue seal and seal the spliff.


Use the hex key or pen to pack the herb into your spliff. Make sure not to over pack. Then moisten the glue and seal the end.

Use the scissors to open up the filter end to allow for smoke to pass.


You now have a perfect spliff to enjoy.

Got another way to roll a spliff? Comment below and tell us how to roll a spliff.

Allen Barrie

Allen Barrie

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