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Marijuana Detox: How to Beat a Drug Test

Beat a Marijuana Drug Test

Marijuana Detox: How to Beat a Drug Test

With the legalization of marijuana, there has been a huge spike of recreational marijuana use and with that we are often asked “How can I pass a drug test?” by customers. Often times, employer mandated drug tests can force you to choose between your career or smoking weed. Fortunately, we have some solutions for those looking to beat drug tests and not lose your job because of your recreational marijuana use.

How does a drug test work?

The consumption of marijuana has a profound effect, which takes affect almost immediately. However, even when the effects of marijuana are gone, the chemicals remain present in your body. These remnants are known as cannabinoids, and they are found in fingernails, urine, saliva, blood, and hair.

Marijuana drug tests usually look for cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in the body through various types of tests such as:

Urine Tests

Urine test is generally the most common type of drug test mainly because it is the easiest to collect and also because THC remains in the urine for a much longer period. 

Blood Tests

Blood test is a viable option in situations like roadside sobriety test or accidents. While blood test does a great job in detecting the presence of THC in the body, it can still be sensitive to some other elements as well. 

Also, a blood test can usually detect THC only for a few hours after smoking. However, for heavy smokers, blood tests may stay positive up to seven days.

Drug Test
Vials used for drug test

Hair Tests

With modern technology, drugs are now detectable even through the hair. However, a hair test is mostly suitable only for cocaine since its sensitivity to marijuana is still not well defined. Employers that perform hair tests don’t usually look for marijuana.

Saliva/Oral Tests

An oral test is a less common type of test used for detecting marijuana use. This method often involves collecting your saliva from the lower gums to check if it contains any cannabinoid. Marijuana remnants usually stay in your saliva for up to 48 hours after consumption, but it can stay up to 29 days in chronic smokers.

How long does THC stay in your body?

The duration for which THC stays in your body can depend on a number of factors such as workout routine, quantity and frequency of marijuana use, metabolism rate, body fat percentage, and eating habits.

Since there are several factors that determine the duration, there is no particular time frame for which the remnants stay in the body. However, some studies show THC may stick around in your body for two days up to several months.

Normally, THC may be detectable for up to three weeks in your urine, and up to seven days in your blood. But as mentioned before, the duration depends on multiple factors.

How to Beat a Drug Test

There are several ways to beat a drug test. However, most of the methods that promise quick fixes with fast and effective results are not really proven to work. They are also based on some of the procedures that are now outdated. Adopting those methods can instead put you at risk of getting caught for tampering the drug test. So it best to avoid them at all costs.

Here are some of the methods to beat a drug test for marijuana. They are as follows:

Natural Marijuana Detox/ THC Detox:

Natural marijuana Detox is the most effective and most reliable method to eliminate THC from your body. In this method, you will have to completely avoid using marijuana altogether. Once you follow this method, your body will naturally remove all kinds of marijuana remnants by itself, which will help you successfully pass a drug test. This method is also a great option for people who simply want to cleanse their body from any toxins.

Bear in mind; marijuana Detox usually takes around 4 to 6 six weeks to completely eliminate THC from the body. Besides abstaining from marijuana, you should also follow a high fiber diet, drink plenty of water, and work out for at least 30 minutes a day.

For a lot of people, the method of marijuana Detox can be quite an easy task. However, it can be extremely challenging for those who take marijuana on a daily basis. It really depends on how much marijuana you use in a day and for how long you’ve been using it.

If a person who uses marijuana consistently for medicinal purposes suddenly stops taking it for a month, then they may have some unpleasant reaction in their body. Withdrawal symptoms of marijuana can even be painful at times. Some of the symptoms you’ll see are:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Headaches Sweating
  • Restlessness
  • Fever
  • Shakiness
  • Fever
  • Sweating
  • Loss of appetite and
  • Weight loss
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Irritation 
  • Nervousness

Marijuana Detox symptoms or withdrawal symptoms can range from either mild to extremely severe cases, depending on the amount of marijuana used. If you think someone you know or even you yourself is addicted to marijuana, then the abrupt reduction of marijuana use can negatively affect your life. So, always consult your doctor first before you opt for marijuana Detox to pass a drug test.

It is important to note that the natural method of marijuana Detox can take several months before your body is completely free from THC.

Drink lots of water and wash yourself out

Since urine tests are the most popular tests, we’ll be talking about how you can beat a urine drug test in this second point.

The most common strategy to pass a urine test is to drink lots of water. When you drink more water and increase your urine flow, it dilutes the concentration of drugs in your urine sample to the point where it becomes lower than the detectable level.

To pass a urine test, try to fill your bladder with as many fluids as you can just a couple of hours before the test. A lot of people increase their fluid intake days ahead, but there’s no proof that this is more effective. You should also avoid giving your first urine sample of the morning since the concentration of metabolites tends to build up when you’re asleep.

When drinking a lot of water, your body tends to produce clear urine, which makes some sample collectors suspicious. So what you’ll want to do is take a large dose of vitamin B-12 or B-2. This will help turn your urine into its natural yellow color and mask your attempted dilution. 

Consume Creatinine

Some testing labs also check your creatinine levels during a urine test to see if there has been any attempt for dilution. Creatinine is a waste product produced during the process of muscle metabolism. To beat this test, you can take some creatine supplements to increase your creatinine levels. 

Use Shampoo for the Hair Test

It is very unlikely for your employer to opt for a hair test. But if that ever happens, you should be ready. Research shows that using shampoos like Neutrogena, Rave, and Head and Shoulders tend to lower the drug concentration in your hair.


There’s no denying that a urine dilution is useful in beating a drug test. However, it is not completely reliable, especially if you are a heavy user. While tampering a drug test can be risky, it may be your best bet to beat a drug test.

There are many tactics used for tampering the samples. Adding adulterants and substituting clean urine for your own are some of the most common tricks. But keep in mind, these approaches should only be your option as a last resort because lab tests can easily detect any adulterant with the help of chemicals.

During emergency testing, you might fool a laboratory by adding some salt, Visine, and cleaning solutions like glutaraldehyde. But most of these adulterants are easily detectable through sight and smell. 

There are also some adulterants you’ll find in the market that you can opt for, but they are not very reliable.

The Do’s and Don’ts of beating a marijuana drug test


  • Avoid consuming pot for a minimum of 30 days before you take your test. While 90 days is the desirable period, 30 days should be enough to get your THC levels just below 50ng/mL, which will help you pass the test. Just avoiding pot for a few days is the safest and the best way to beat a drug test.
  • Accelerate the whole process with the help of water. Try to consume water 3-4 hours before you take the test. This will force your body to metabolize marijuana remnants much faster. But it is also important to not over drink it as well because this action may trigger a re-test.


  • Do not fall for drug screen products that claim to disguise THC in your sample. These cheap products simply don’t work, and you’ll just be wasting your time and money. 

Their claim that the secret ingredient mixed with herbs, electrolytes, and vitamins can hide your body’s toxin during a urine drug test is simply untrue. They probably don’t have any and won’t give you a way to pass your test naturally.

  • Do not consumer marijuana right after your test. It is very likely that your test might have gone wrong, and you’ll need to take another test. Be safe and avoid using marijuana for a couple of days or at least until the result is out.
  • Stop working out for at least 24 hours before your test. Exercising will break down the fat cells in your body and release the THC remnants into your bloodstream.
  • Do not make excuses if your test result ever comes back positive. False test reports are highly unlikely to ever happen. The professionals that perform the test do it for a living. So avoid making any kind of excuses so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself and ruin the little chance you have to get the job. 

Why is beating a drug test important?

For anyone who uses marijuana either for recreational or medical purposes, drug tests can be an overwhelming challenge. It’s not likely for your employer to inform you about an upcoming drug test. And as discussed earlier, it can take weeks or even months to get rid of THC from your body.

In some states, some employers can still fire an employee if they fail a drug test sponsored by the company. So here are three reasons why beating a drug test becomes necessary:

  • Drug tests can normally detect marijuana use from weeks ago.
  • This test cannot determine the frequency of use or whether the employee has issues with substance abuse. 
  • Drug tests cannot determine the difference between prescription drug use and illegal drug use. 

So for these reasons, if you only use marijuana occasionally or you’ve just tried it once, drug tests can prove to be a big problem.


If you’re someone who uses cannabis, try to take a test occasionally. There are many clinics that offer free urine tests for drugs like marijuana and many others. And if you want to test yourself privately, you can also purchase some home testing kits from several companies like Instant Diagnostics and Liberty Research. However, keep in mind that drug tests can fluctuate during the day.


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