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Six Accessories any Cannabis Connoisseur Needs

cannabis accessories

Six Accessories any Cannabis Connoisseur Needs

Undoubtedly, there has been a turn around on how society looks at Cannabis or more commonly known as Marijuana. Thanks to research and studies that prove its health benefits, like relief on chronic pain, mend bones, and the latest breakthrough, treat cancer, our lawmakers here and abroad finally realized how to legalize its use. Needless to say, laws in every state and country varies. Commonly, lawmakers agree the use of Cannabis is for medical purposes only. Anyhow, due to this recent development, we are hoping for an influx of beginners. These beginners may be considering it for treatment. For their benefit, in this article, we have gathered around necessary information for them to kick start.

First things First

To avoid confusion, let’s begin with its name. Because of its secretive nature before, people have created different names for Cannabis, but actually, Cannabis is the plant itself where we harvest the buds, leaves and the seed oil. In contrast, Marijuana is the dried leaves or flowers that are greenish to greyish in colour. It is also called weed, pot, Mary Jane and so on.

Ways to use

There are several ways to use Cannabis. The most common is smoking the dried leaves in hand-rolled cigarettes or vaping it. For non-smokers, usually, they brew it and take it like a tea, add it to their food like pastries and candies, apply it topically on the skin, or insert the dried leaves or drop seed oil on empty capsules and take it as supplements.


There are 6 essential accessories that you need to begin using it and maximize its benefits.


The grinder is primary. No matter how you are planning to use your Cannabis, it would be best if you had a good grade grinder like any coffee lovers for their beans do. Imagine you are grinding your dried leaves, which naturally have tough fibers, with bare hands or a low-quality grinder. It will surely give you a headache. Plus, you may lose the useful cannabinoids that contain all the wellness in your flowers, and the end fibers may leave us with unpleasant taste and smell. We don’t like that to happen, don’t we? So, do yourself a favor, get a medical-grade grinder with pointy edges teeth and come with a “kief” press and fine crystal net to hold your kieves or cannabis crystals which contain the cannabinoids. In that way, grinding the bud will be easy for you, you will get the right consistency of the fibre and only the purest pollen, maintain its potency and save all your kieves.

Also, get a grinder that is easy to clean and made of aluminum or metal because they are the ones that last longer – money worth!

Quality Container

Undeniably, weeds are expensive. Also, it is an organic matter that degenerates from oxygen, light and vaporization. In this regard, to get our money’s worth, we must try to keep it in its best condition and spill-free, as we do not use everything in one sitting. In fact, for some, it can last up to a month before they entirely use it up. Best way to retain its freshness and potency is to store it in an airtight container and place it in a humid, dark area. Although there are now a lot of weed containers in the market, we must make sure that our storage jars can keep our weeds freshly harvested. So aside from being airtight, get one that has the technology of absorbing and emitting enough moisture so we can avoid the formation of mold.

Cleaning Tools

Naturally, your accessories get dirty over time or after repeated use. Aside from not pleasing to the sight, dirty accessories can contaminate your weeds and crystals and can make everyone uncomfortable. Besides, dirt can affect the taste and smell of your weeds. So, make sure you invest in cleaners and brushes, too so after your sessions, you can keep your accessories sparkling clean and keep them in better condition with a longer life. Remember that with neat accessories, you will have a more fabulous experience with your weeds.


Traditionally and commonly, users smoke Marijuana, and there are various ways to do that. Some use a rolling joint, and some use a bong. One thing is common though, you need to light it, so it’s best to keep a lighter or two – One in your pocket or bag for easy reach and one at home. Carry a disposable lighter in your pocket, while maintaining a lighter that can last a lifetime at home is best. Anyhow, there are so many lighters in the market you can choose.


If you’re planning to smoke weeds, you can consider getting a bong or also known as a bubbler, to cool and filter the smoke from burning Mary Jane. As its name says, a bong is a water pipe that creates bubbles when used to smoke weeds. It could be to be the oldest smoking tool which evolved from a simple tube with a bowl made from bamboo to a more complex work of art, yet does the same process. The bowl holds the dried weed. Users light it up, so the water near the bowl bubbles and forms smoke. Smoke rises from the water to the chamber, and the user inhales to his/her lungs, allowing a smoother toke. Because of this process, we highly suggest to users that they get a bong made of glass because it is easy to clean and isn’t so harmful, unlike the plastic ones.


Now, if you want to roll your weed, you need to invest in a quality flat surface rolling tray or things will get untidy and you might drop some of your precious weeds. Rolling trays will also help you in facilitating smooth rolling and keep your stash.

A responsible stoner would want to keep his/her surroundings clean, so we suggest that you keep an ashtray readily available when you puff at home, too.

Over time, you will discover other ways of using your weeds and the necessary accessories to do them. What we have just shared are like starter kits or must-haves to jump off your Cannabis experience with ablaze.


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